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Our services

Electronics development

Electronics development

From idea to prototype - from one week. their laboratories and production. More than 30 completed projects. Development of mobile, portable and autonomous devices. Development of any sensors, meters, controllers. Development trackers GPS / GLONASS, safety devices, video monitoring. Narrowband radio, software-defined radio (SDR). Technology Wi-Fi, GSM, ZigBee, 433/868 MHz, and others. Reverse Engineering and completion of existing devices. Turnkey: design, documentation and manufacturing.



More than 10 completed projects. Desktop and mobile websites. Machine vision, work with the equipment. The decision of industrial and business problems. Demo 2 weeks. Enterprise applications, integration with business processes. Vision systems, image recognition. Processing data. The interaction with the hardware.

Parking navigation

Parking navigation "HITON"

The calculation of free parking spaces. Russian development and production. On battery up to 5 years, radio was 2 km. Pilot projects in Moscow, St. Petersburg. Magnetic sensors presence of machines, base stations, information boards. Reading active RFID "Bumblebee" for the disabled and other special categories. Equipping urban parking lots, shopping centers. Any further development and integration. Fully Russian decision, designed and produced in Russia. More than 3,000 sensors produced for the Olympic Games in Sochi.

About us

We - the Russian development team of engineers and programmers, ready to completely design any electronic device for you and start its production, or write desktop/mobile software.

New projects



Sensors "Heaton-wire" designed to detect parking or transit vehicles, the definition of employment of certain parking spaces or car travel ...

GLONASS GPS-trackers

System "Kerber"

This is a complete solution for monitoring and reporting vehicles. The system includes a set of technologies "smart" video surveillance and computer vision.

GLONASS GPS-trackers

RFID "Bumblebee"

Compact stand-alone device that performs periodic transmission of its own unique code (encrypted) over the air.

GLONASS GPS-trackers


Sensors "Heaton-wire" designed to detect parking or transit vehicles, the definition of employment of certain parking spaces or car travel ...

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